Here at EOH Consulting, technology solutions are a key part of both the service offerings and internal operations. For this reason, the company has built partnerships with different application providers who deliver innovative and effective solutions in each of the focus areas.
Below is a list of some of the applications currently on offer.
ClearPoint Strategy


The ClearPoint Strategy application is an innovative Balanced Scorecard management tool that simplifies the administration of perspectives, objectives, measures, and initiatives. Colour-coded indicators give an instant snapshot of performance against targets and with high customization and data integration possibilities, ClearPoint is a must for scorecard management.

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QPR Suite


The QPR suite is a management system platform that includes tools for strategy execution, performance and process management, process mining, and enterprise architecture. The suite was designed to provide users with deep, fact-based insight into various critical business areas, which enables them to make informed decisions that make a difference.

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The CANEA ONE product suite offers a unique set of capabilities for performance, process, project and content management. The suite provides an integrated set of processes and tools that will assist in the development of strategy, the translation of that strategy into operational activities, and the monitoring and improvement of the effectiveness of both aspects with greater ease.

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Shadowmatch + Skillsgrid


Shadowmatch is an online workforce optimisation system that maps behavioural patterns, better known as habits. Skillsgrid on the other hand, which was also designed by the Shadowmatch team, is an automated system that enables employers to better understand the individual and collective skills of their employees.

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Flow@Work is an employee engagement survey tool that looks at employee engagement levels within an organisation. It is an effective diagnostic instrument that helps to identify the factors which have a sustainable impact on performance levels and overall productivity in the organisation. The survey identifies indicators and drivers that provide information on commitment to the organisation and the willingness to exert extra effort to name but a few.

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