Transforming SMEs

SMEs have been recognized as major contributors to economic transformation in middle to high income countries. In order for an SME to significantly grow, it needs to innovate, scale and transform. Our experience working with SMEs in Southern, East and West Africa shows that providing the right focus on strategy formulation, value chain optimization, market sizing, firm positioning, customer segmentation, financial optimisation and organizational re-design results in generating a trajectory towards growth, scale, innovation and ultimately transformation.

Our methodology helps you as an SME address the following:

  • We assist in answering two critical questions: “Where do we want to go?” and “What do we need to do to get there?”
  • We facilitate conversations between management teams to get to the heart of the issues that define transformation.
  • We help organization focus on the right measures and activities to move them forward towards scaling and transformation.

Are you keen to unlock cash in your value chain, correctly identify your customer segments and their unique attributes, enhance your product positioning, capture a greater market size and put together a comprehensive and practical one page transformation plan?  If so, let us have a conversation.