Our Team

The Captains

Mr. Kenneth Molosi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Strategist-in-Chief

Mr. Asad Petkar

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The Foreman

The A Team

Mrs. Naledi Sentle

Finance and Administration

The Treasury Secretary

Ms. Carol Bogale

Senior Management Consultant

The Company Dissection Specialist 

Ms. Chidzani Smarts

Senior Management Consultant

The Mobile Project Resource

Mr. Theo Kotey

Technology Consultant

The Tech Guru

Ms. Gabo Selaledi

Project Support

The Chief Wellness Engineer

Ms. Martha Kamati

Trainee Analyst

The Namibian Connection

The Young Prodigies

Ms. Sharon Rankwana


The Budding HR Manager

Ms. Laone Sebogiso


“The Bubbly One”

Mr. Lary Joseph


The Budding Project Manager

Ms. Itseng Mashadza


Our Organisational Psychologist