EOH Consulting understands that strategy is not a once off exercise. Rather, it is something that must be continually revisited as industry dynamics evolve and new players emerge. We provide companies with both the support and inspiration they need to develop strategies that will support long-term value creation and sustainable competitive advantage.

We believe that sustaining “Strategy” requires four key factors, assessing your current situation, forming your strategic options/goals, choosing your strategic route and monitoring your progress towards your set goals. We also know that every organisation is different. Some wish to do everything themselves and are only seeking additional advice and support; while others require a greater level of support and want to engage a consultant to drive the strategy on their behalf. However you choose to embark upon these issues, we believe EOH Consulting has some exceptional experience and capability that can help your organization get to its desired destination and to remain at the forefront.

Our strategy lined service portfolio includes:

  • Strategy Development (using the Balanced Scorecard)
  • Operational Dashboarding
  • Strategy Monitoring and Reporting