About Us

EOH Consulting is a leading management-consulting firm that has developed regional capability in deploying Business Consulting, Technology and Managed Service solutions. Through our ability to leverage our industry-specific experience and advanced technology know-how, we are able to rapidly deploy solutions that deliver a positive contribution to our clients across all sectors and industries.

EOH Consulting was formerly the consulting arm of KPMG Inc. Given the international trend for consulting services to be independent of auditing/assurance services, the firm officially separated from KPMG South Africa in August 2003.  In Botswana, we are a 100 % citizen owned firm of business and technology consultants that maintains a strategic alliance partnership with the EOH Mthombo Group (a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed business and technology solution provider with over 1200 consultants). This enables us to retain access to global methodologies and resources.

What We Do

We are a leading business consultancy offering Review, Analysis and Strategic (RAS) advice followed by the delivery of world-class, practical, innovative, client-focused solutions. Through our RAS approach we gain an insight into our clients’ needs, identify business performance opportunities and are able to offer advice and develop solutions that are innovative, yet practical.

Specifically, we spend time up front clearly understanding the needs of our clients and listening to what is required. Together, combining our knowledge, skill, experience and proven methodologies and our clients’ understanding of their needs, we craft tailor-made, innovative, practical business solutions with the view to adding value to our clients.

Effectively we look at the organisation from a holistic point of view and ensure that the solutions we design and recommend are aligned with the strategic direction and goals of our clients. Thus we help our clients achieve greater performance by working with them to build better businesses through improved performance.

What We Deliver

We focus on benefits realisation and manage change effectively by driving organisational change at three levels –

  • Reshape the business processes in alignment with the strategic direction of the client (Process)
  • Drive individual performance and influence the behavioural change of end users (People)
  • Leverage technology to enable corporate performance (Technology)

We focus on ‘thought-leadership’, facilitating new strategies and building and implementing business and technology solutions in two main areas – those that ‘effect’ change (Support and core business operations) and those that drive strategy execution (business alignment and optimal individual performance management). Our solutions focus on operationalising an organisation’s strategy in the most cost effective and efficient manner ensuring the alignment of people, process and technology.

Ultimately it is the nature and character of our people that makes the difference – people with commitment, team work, passion and deep-set skills and knowledge. We strive for excellence in all that we do. The nautilus shell reflects what EOH Consulting strives for – perfection. The essence and energy displayed in the unfolding of the nautilus reflects the spirit and soul of EOH Consulting. The inspiring and energetic form is the basis of our approach. Using our deep-set knowledge and experience, skill and focus, like the nautilus, EOH Consulting strives for perfection.