Key Strengths

The following aspects highlight key strengths that underpin our delivery capability:

  • We are part of EOH Consulting International.  As a full member of EOH Consulting International, we offer the Public Service full access to global methodologies, resources, best practise, case studies, and international exposure.

  • We have extensive experience in development of Statement of User Requirements (SOUR) and IT Strategies. We regard ourselves as leaders in developing statement of user requirements and IT strategies for clients in the private, parastatal and public sector. Some of our references include, Botswana Building Society, Botswana Savings Bank, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board, Registrar of Companies, Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Department of Labour and Social Services, Examinations Research and Testing Division and Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, Botswana Police Service.

  • We have extensive experience in package implementations.  EOH Consulting in the region is highly regarded in the area of package implementation having worked with leading private sector clients and some of the most progressive public sectors around the world and Botswana. The EOH Consulting package implementation offering is extensive and covers high end ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft and BAAN as well as mid-tier ERPs such as Syspro and Navision.  In addition, the EOH group possesses rights to market and distribute leading-edge technologies in the areas of business performance management and business technology optimisation.

  • We are committed to localisation and empowerment.  Our Botswana office is highly localised, with Batswana in all executive and management posts.  Our team comprises a team of experienced Batswana consultants that understand the local market and are able to ensure that global methodologies and expertise are adapted to take account of local situations and culture.

  • We are committed to the ideals of Vision 2016.   We believe that all Batswana can and should have achieved a higher and sustainable standard of living by the year 2016.  We work with our clients to ensure that the solutions we design and build for them are clearly contributing to the pillars of our national vision.